My sister, Jackie, started the gossip that tweaked my curiosity and then there was no turning back, I had to find out if it was true. She was at university in our local city, still living at home to keep costs down. As well as her hours spent attending lectures she was into swimming and regularly went to training and competitions. I got roped in occasionally as a taxi service and usually stayed to cheer her on at race meets. The first race weekend of her second year was a home match against the nearest university so her team were desperate to win.

The star for the opposition was a tall blonde, who my sister informed me was a year older than her and likely to win all her races. Jackie and her team mates cheered on their racers in every event along with a crowd of Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters, boyfriends and even a girlfriend. I overheard Jackie talking with her team mates and referring to B52, who would be favourite for the next race. When I had a chance to ask her without being overheard I asked who B52 was and why the nickname. Jackie blushed and tried to change the subject but I pushed for an answer.

"The tall blonde I pointed out, their star swimmer. Check out her camel toe!" she finally blurted out. "Last year she wore a hi-cut swimsuit and her bomb doors nearly spilled out."

As the swimmers lined up for the next race I watched with renewed interest. B52 was in the centre lane and wearing a one piece with boy shorts style bottoms but the "manly" bulge was unmistakable. As predicted she won easily and the overall score reflected her dominance as her team won the meet. In the sports centre bar after everyone was changed I approached the star swimmer and offered my congratulations. Turned out her real name was Lynne and she grew up right in town, only going to her current uni to get a course not offered locally.

We had some mutual friends from high school it turned out and her parents still lived in town, she was sleeping at their home tonight before returning to uni on Sunday. Jackie came over and said she was leaving, her team mates were going to a burger joint and she was getting a ride with one of them who would drop her home later. Lynne was still on a winners high and I asked if she fancied a meal and a drink, she agreed so I suggested I follow her to her parents house where she could drop off her car then ride with me.

The car park was small enough that I didn't lose sight of her as we headed for our cars, whether she saw me get in the VW camper van I don't know but I thought I saw her raise an eyebrow as she saw me in her VW Rabbit wing mirror. The drive to her parents house only took 15 minutes and Lynne was quick to dump her bags and reappear. She climbed into the front seat and joked straight away about our VW match up, although she admitted mine was cooler than hers.

The bench seat in the front allowed Lynne to choose how near to me she sat and I was pleased to see her slide across to the middle. Hopefully that was a sign that she fancied being near me. She suggested a local takeaway that did a version of their eat-in menu boxed up for home with a bottle of wine. "We could drive to the beach and eat in the back of your van" she said.

I'd been racking my brains for a reason to get her in the back, now she was offering me the ideal opportunity so I agreed without hesitation. Half an hour later we were at the beach and set up to eat, we'd both chosen seafood dishes that were served cold so no worrying about our meals wasting. Lynne had a small bottle of white wine I had a bottle of alcohol free grape juice. Once we'd eaten our food we decided to go for a walk on the beach, the autumn weather was still good and it was pleasantly warm. Within 15 minutes we were alone, the few other beachgoers not venturing too far from the car park.

The water was warm as we paddled along the shoreline, Lynne commented how it was warmer than the pool she'd been in earlier. I pointed to a buoy that marked the exclusion area for boats and jet skis " I'll race you to the marker and back" I said.

"I haven't got a swimsuit " she said

"Neither have I, but so what, skinny dipping is more fun" I said, stripping off my beach wear and running into the water.

Her competitive instincts took over and, just as I'd hoped, she stripped off and followed me into the water. I was in no doubt I'd lose the race but made sure I was close enough to get a good view when she walked through the shallows back to our heap of clothes. Sure enough "B52" lived up to her nickname and I had a grandstand view as she walked ahead of me. Neither of us had a towel so I suggested going commando to keep our underwear dry and I thought I could see the glint of some jewellery but wasn't sure as she stepped into her shorts.

Walking back to my van she linked her arm in mine and we chattered away trying to ignore the fact we'd been naked and that my erection was making a large tent in my shorts. Back at the van I suggested swapping damp shorts for dry underwear and Lynne agreed, insisting I go first while she made room. I pulled down my shorts and my boner sprang to attention, "No way that will go in my boxers" I said

She turned around to see what the problem was and laughed sexily " I think I can help you there" she said and wrapped her hand around my erection. Slowly wanking me she dropped to her knees and flicked her tongue over my exposed bell end then took me in her mouth and fellated me expertly. She concentrated her tongue massage on my frenulum and soon had me at the edge of an epic orgasm. I tried to withdraw, unsure if she wanted me to cum in her mouth but she wrapped her arms around me and deep throated me as I erupted into her.

As the super sensitivity forced me to pull out I lifted her onto the bench seat and dropped to my knees, "My turn" I said, sliding her shorts off and burying my face in her crotch. She drew her knees up to her chest, giving me better access and now I could feel the rings she had through her labia as I drove my tongue between her fleshy lips. As my tongue slid along her slit I sensed the hardness, and size, of her clit, this was on a similar scale to her labial lips and she pushed herself forward as my ministrations gave her the orgasm she deserved.

We rested together on the seat and I complimented her on her larger than average lips. She told me how until puberty nothing had been noticeable, then as her boobs filled out her lady gear just blossomed too. She didn't realise how above average she was until she joined the swim team and saw everyone else naked in the changing rooms. She decided to celebrate the difference by getting both lips pierced." About a year ago we were watching a porn movie on the team bus and I saw this hot trick performed by a woman with lips like mine. Pass my purse and I'll show you" she said.

She rummaged in her purse and pulled out two lengths of shiny, fine, chain and proceeded to clip one to each of her piercings, then she placed her empty wine bottle upright on the floor. I was amazed as she squatted over the bottle and spread her labia by pulling the lengths of chain then sunk down and engulfed the bottle. She stood up in front of me and told me to hold my hands out then fired the bottle out through her parted "bomb doors", B52 was definitely the correct nickname and she admitted she'd heard the whispering from the other girls and was proud to perform her trick and live up to it.

Watching her perform had brought my cock back to a solid state and I lay down on the carpet and suggested she swallow my manhood the same way as the bottle. As she squatted over me cowgirl style I took one dangling chain in each hand, gently parting her labia, and she lowered herself onto me. The sight and feel of her lips encompassing me soon had me pumping a load of cream into her and she experienced a thigh clenching orgasm as she rode my still hard cock. After a pause to let our heart beats return to normal and the super sensitivity to subside Lynne slowly lifted herself off my deflating cock, our mixed fluids dripping from her lips as we separated.

She stood astride me and spread her lips using the chains, as the remaining juices emptied from her pussy they dripped onto my chest. Kneeling beside me she licked me clean and we cuddled and talked about our plans for tomorrow. Another bombing raid was top of my list.












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