Boogie Van Ch. 10

I was just finishing up my latest article when Kat and Jenni appeared, and I could see by the excited look what was coming next.

Kat cried happily, "We did it, I am now officially pregnant!"

They pulled me out of my chair into a three-way hug. It had been a month to remember, for 30 days, I had fucked Kat 3 times a day, giving her womb all the spunk I could produce. Aided by Jenni's nimble finger massaging my prostate, she had really gotten every drop. I wondered exactly which load had started the fire of life growing inside her.

Kat cooed, "Colin, you are such a wonderful man. I can't thank you enough for planting your seed."

I said, "With you being so hot and sexy, it was a pleasure."

Jenni purred, "Now that my lovely wife is pregnant, I can finally get a piece of you. I've been so horny for your cock, now it's my turn to get a good, hard fucking!"

Jenni and Kat led me to their bedroom, they stripped me down, and gently pushed me back on the bed.

"Kat, suck Colin's cock, get him all hard and eager for me."

Kat quickly did so, the exquisite cock sucking ability I had been treated to on my first day was revisited, and I grunted and growled, "Oh yeah, so hot and wet, suck me, baby!"

I watched as Jenni softly stroked at her pussy, letting out little coos of pleasure as she watched her sexy wife suck me up to maximum extension, then Kat pulled back, and smiled up at Jenni.

"He's ready for you," Kat cooed.

Jenni was right next to us, Kat slid her hand over Jenni's pubic region, then slipped two fingers in, bringing a soft growl of pleasure as she swirled two fingers inside the pink folds of her wife.

Kat brought out two dripping wet fingers and offered them to me, and I eagerly licked her fingers clean.

Kat purred, "And my lovely wife is ready for you."

Jenni's face was alive with lust, as she squatted over me. Kat had her hand around my cock, aiming my cock as Jenni nudged the tip of my cock against her wet heat.

Kat's voice, throaty with passion, purred, "Now, ride that stiff cock Jenni baby!"

Jenni's hips rolled back a little, then she drove her hips down, letting out a growl of pleasure as she took me in all the way, my cock totally wrapped in the tight, wet, clutching heat, my loud moan of pleasure matching her sounds of passion.

"Oh yes, just as good as I remember, let my tight little cunt milk your sexy prick of every drop!"

With a big smile of desire, she went for a ride, each thrust a deep, intense reaming, I could feel her warm wet muscles eagerly milking at me, working to build up a big load. I savored the sight of Jenni, her bright green eyes gazing into mine, her generous breasts bouncing gently with the pumping of her hips. I looked down I could see my prick, shiny wet with her juices, appear and disappear, Jenni's tuft of red pubic hair swallowing me down, over and over.

I grunted, "Oh yeah baby, fuck, your hot cunt is so wet and so tight, you're gonna suck every drop out of my hard prick!"

Jenni gasped, "Mmmmm, so big, so hard, that's what I want, every drop, fuck me faster baby!"

I watched as Kat came up behind Jenni, spooning her, her hands reached around, cupping and gently tweaking her nipples. Her head appeared above her shoulder, kissing along her neck, her eyes giving me a heated gaze as she stimulated Jenni's quivering body. Jenni was letting out louder moans of passion as I pumped my hips up to meet her downward thrusts. I could feel the tight lips stretched around me, the gripping cling of her around my shaft made my prick sizzle, the cum starting to boil. Again and again, I thrust up into her tight pussy, nudging hard against her cervix as she drove down on each stroke, making her moan deeply.

She whispered, "Oh fuck, yeah, fuck, gonna cum, oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming, oh my god!"

Kat growled, "Yes, cum, both of you, cum right now!"

Jenni's howl of pleasure filled the room as she tensed suddenly, letting out gasps and grunts of pleasure, her body going rigid as she slammed downward. I felt one of Kat's hands cup my balls, urging me to explode, as Jenni's orgasm made her pussy tighten up around my prick.

"Oh fuck yeah, gonna fill you, baby, gonna flood your hot cunt with my hot spunk, oh yeah, cumming baby, cumming, YEAH!"

Jenni cried out, "Yes, flood me, fill my womb, oh fuck, gonna do it again, fill MEEEEE!"

Her pussy was spasming wildly, tumbling into her second orgasm as I thrust up hard, piercing her cervix, and with both of us letting out shrieks and loud moans of pleasure, my cock burst, squirting wildly, spraying a thick juicy load all over her womb. The tight milking grip pulls and tugs on my cock, sucking out every drop, until I was drained, and when I pulled out, Kat's face quickly took over, and she eagerly went down on Jenni, eager to suck out my load, so she could share it with Jenni. Their lips came together, and I could hear muffled moans as they mouthed the heady mixture. With the snowball shared up, Kat went back down, licking her loving wife wildly, until Jenni reached another orgasm, her cries of pleasure filling the bedroom.

Later that day, I was on Skype with Elaine, I had kept up with her, and had told her what Kat and Jenni had in mind for me. It was time to tell her the good news.

Elaine exclaimed, "Oh that is wonderful news! Kat is a very lucky lady, being able to carry your child. What arrangements do you have about parenting?"

I told her about how they did not want me to assume any kind of financial support, they want to support their child by themselves, and consequently, how they felt it better if I were not named the baby's father.

Elaine's face had a thoughtful look, as she asked, "So how do you feel about that?"

I replied, "They assured me that they would know how fathered their child, and they will always love me for that, but they want to keep me away from any legal hassle that the courts could dream up. They asked me how would I like to be named their baby's godfather, of course, I was happy with that, and our month of planting had yielded the desired results!"

Elaine cooed, "Sounds like a very sexually charged month, when are you planning on leaving?''

I replied, "Probably in a few days, I think I'm going to drive south, maybe check out New Mexico, never been to the desert southwest, I think it's time to see more of our country."

Elaine replied, "I have a new place to live, it's a two-bedroom bungalow just a few miles down the road. My agent knew I wanted a place to live quickly, and we closed the deal yesterday. In 5 days, I move into my new place."

"That's fantastic, congratulations!"

Elaine purred, "And it would be even better if you could help me christen my new place, by spending a few days with me when you leave Kat and Jenni, I need you to fuck me until I'm walking bowlegged! Ramming my Asian pussy with my dildo just makes me so hungry for the real thing. I need you to pound my Oriental cunt, and flood me with hot spunk!"

Elaine knew what got me going, her use of the phrase "pound my Oriental cunt" just got my cock going up like a crane.

I replied, "Oh yeah baby, I would love to christen your new place. I'm eagerly looking forward to plunging deep into your sweet Asian fuck-hole."

Elaine purred, "Mmmm, you are making me so wet lover, when you get here, I am going to use you as my own personal fuck toy!"

I growled back, "And I will use you like my own live Oriental sex doll! A China doll who is definitely not breakable!"

Elaine's voice, husky with passion, purred, "Let me know just before you get here, so I can be naked, very hot and horny for you lover!"

The next week was another rush of fucking, Jenni got the majority of my cock plunging into her sweet fuck hole, but Kat was able to get in her licks, too. The week passed by, and Jenni regretfully told us that playtime would be over, she needed to get back on the road, her job was more important than ever, while Kat would have to take a maternity break from her job as an HR manager in the not too distant future.

The last night before I left, they pulled me into their bedroom, our clothes quickly formed piles of fabric on the bedroom floor, and I watched as Jenni crawled on top of Kat, kissing heatedly, before Jenni turned herself around, so both of them faced up to me. Their legs were intertwined, spread open, at the edge of the bed, and both of their coral pink openings were flared open, dewy with their juices.

Jenni cooed, "Ok Colin, we're all stacked up for you, so you can fuck us back and forth! It won't be long before Kat will be too big for stacking, so let's do it!"

Jenni watched, her eyes wide and eager, as I stood between the spread of their intertwined legs. Nudging against her, and penetrating the tight pussy, oh, so tight, so hot, her squeals of pleasure joined my lust grunts as I surged in, not stopping till I felt my balls smack gently against her ass.

"Oh fuck, yes, oh yes, every time, it feels so good, ram me, Colin, fuck me good!"

Eager to do so, I started a slow, gentle rhythm, I didn't want to go full bore and have nothing left for Kat. I could see Kat's face looking over her wife's shoulder, eyes wide and eager, a smile of desire as she waited her turn.

After a few minutes, Jenni cooed, "Ok Colin, now give Kat a filling, we need to share and share alike."

I had a small table placed against the bed, it was perfect for letting me lower myself, so I could kneel on the table and be at the perfect height. Aiming my cock head right at Kat's eager center, I surged in, Kat squealed with pleasure, and I felt a bolt of lust, I was driving into Kat's heat, while my cock was still shiny wet, smeared with Jenni's juices. The heat and the tightness eagerly took me in, mmmm, the feel of those tight walls gripping at my cock were just as fantastic as Jenni's tightness.

"Ummm, oh yes, I love the way Colin fucks us, so loving, so passionate, and he spermed a baby inside my sweet wife. That makes me so excited, knowing that we will be having a baby! Oh yes, ride my sweet Kat, fuck her tight little pussy!" Jenni cooed.

I eagerly rode inside Kat's gripping sheath, the heat and the tightness mmmm, I could feel my balls start to take notice as I surged in and out.

Kat cooed, "Now, fuck my beautiful wife, let Jenni have your nice hard cock again!"

Standing once again, I drove in, Jenni growled, "Yes, oh yes, fuck me hard Colin, ram me!"

Feeling the red haze of lust building, I drove into her and set up a hard, fast rhythm, eager to explode my load deep inside Jenni. I saw her face full of bliss and felt her body start to shake.

Kat, feeling Jenni starting to writhe on top of her, growled. "Oh yes, baby, cum, cum hard all over Colin's big cock!"

Jenni cried out, "Oh yes, fuck so good, cumming, cumming all over Colin's hard cock, cum with me Colin, fill me up, yes, yes, GAWWWWWW!"

Her shrieks filled the room, I felt the tight grip, and the rippling spasms milking at me, and I grunted and growled as I felt my cock let go, I felt the sperm rushing through my prick, bursting deep and beginning to coat the insides of Jenni's tight walls. I arched into her, shuddering as my prick unleashed a flood of cum, enjoying the feel of Jenni's tight rippling spasms milking me for every drop I could pump into her.

When I pulled out, Jenni repositioned herself, squatting over Kat's mouth, and her juicy creampie was hovering over Kat's face, I could see Kat lick her lips as she hungrily eyed that cream-filled opening.

Jenni cooed, "There you go baby, a big, juicy cream pie, all hot, tasty, and ready for you!"

I saw Kat hook her arms over Jenni's hips, and pull her down, and Jenni let out a loud Ahhhhhhhhh of pleasure as Kat burrowed her tongue inside. I could just imagine the huge rush of cum that was now pouring into Kat's eager mouth, I saw her swallowing more than once as she mouthed my load. As she licked Jenni clean of every drop, I quickly got between the spread of Kat's thighs, her pussy muffled squeal of pleasure sounded as I drove my tongue into her. Fiery hot, gushing with juices, I eagerly tasted her essence, then after several minutes of long, lingering licks, I surrounded her throbbing clit.

Jenni, humping eagerly atop Kat's mouth, cried out, "Oh yes baby, oh fuck, right there, you're gonna make me cum!"

Eager to make it as close to simultaneous as possible, I cued in on Jenni, her breathing becoming choppy, her moans, joining in with Kat's muffled growls of pleasure, getting louder, then I heard the sound of her ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahs. Knowing that was the last sound Jenni made before climax, I went wild on Kat's clit, her body was almost vibrating. Twin shrieks of pleasure filled the bedroom, as I received a rich facial of Kat's juices, and Jenni unloaded her girl cum all over Kat's face.

The next morning, Kat and Jenni's eyes were misty as we said our goodbyes.

"Colin, we will always love you for what you have done for us. When our baby is born, we want you to come and meet our baby, as we said before, we will both know who our baby's daddy is, and you will always be a part of our family, our child's godfather. Drive carefully you sweet man, and keep in touch."

They gave me tongue filled swirls of passion, and just before I left, Kat smiled and said "One More thing" as she peeled off the panties she had been wearing, and pressed them into my hand. They were a rose-colored thong, and I looked forward to adding that sexy set to my collection.

"Now you have both Jenni's and my panties to remember us by," cooed Kat.

I smiled, back as I replied, "After these past 5 weeks, no way could I forget either of you. It was an honor to be the one to plant the seed."

I pulled in at a nearby gas station to fill up the van, and I called up Elaine. When I told her I was on my way, she purred, "Ummm, when you get here, walk right in baby, I'll leave the door unlocked for you, I'll be naked, in bed with my legs spread, I need my Oriental cunt getting stuffed to the brim. Come and fuck me hard Colin!"

With my cock having been revved up by Jenni and Kat's goodbye kisses, and the mental image of Elaine, my China doll, spread out in full heat waiting for me, I had a raging hard-on ready to go.


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