Nude on Campus

It started when I was studying chemistry during the summer at a major University on the east coast. The beautiful landscape of the campus was very quiet at night with rarely anyone around. During the weekdays when classes were in session there were usually a few people on campus, but at night it was very quiet. The weekends days were seclusive as well. Especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday night when I barely saw anyone all summer.

As a quadriplegic man in a wheelchair, I soon discovered it was very pleasant to sit in the hot sun wearing nothing whatso ever, but a t-shirt . After a short time, I started to venture out around campus at night, and day wearing nothing but a skimpy t-shirt that barely covered my genitals. I did meet a person or two once in a while when I was barely clothed, but no one ever said anything since they were just far enough away to ignore me, but also close enough to see me nude with my penis and testicles exposed.

The weather was very warm in 80's and 90's every day and night, so with no one around I started going nude in my apartment and outside very often. It felt so good to get up from bed, take a shower, not bother getting dressed, and then sit in my lightweight, sport wheelchair in the hot sun.

Ten years before this time I was paralyzed in an accident that injured my spinal cord in my neck that left me a Quadriplegic. I am still able to attain full erections as long as it is properly stimulated with a hot mouth, my own hand, or from a guy or girl, but I am unable to ejaculate as much as before. At six feet tall, 165lbs, I'm a strong man living alone who takes care of himself without help, and is sexually appealing to many women and gay guys alike.

Before I accepted that I was gay, a few other gay guys were often hot for me, but I declined their advances in fear of being outed. Nevertheless, after many years, I couldn't resist any longer, and finally pursued my deepest sexual desires when I sought gay guys for erotic pleasure.

On one Saturday night I went to Dupont Circle after the bars closed hoping to pick up a gay man. It was very quiet, until a gay man there approached me wondering who I was. He was good looking, and he began to flirt a little touching my hands and thigh. When I asked him to massage my shoulders, and neck his hands were immediately all over me giving my muscles deeply touching relief. Next he passionately kissed my neck until I had a big hickey. It felt so erotic with a guy kissing me for the first time. We kissed on the lips with our tongues down each others throat forever, before he dropped his shorts and rubbed his erect cock in my face, and then into my mouth.

I had sucked cock twice before, but they stopped me because they were not gay.. This guy however, let me take my time.

After slowly sucking his beautiful cock, he urged me to quicken my pace as my mouth smoothly slid up and down his six inch erection faster and faster until he ejaculated into my mouth and face. I joyously became much more gay that night! The feeling of his cock in my mouth was ecstasy!

Another time during a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon I was sitting naked in my wheelchair, near the top of a hill along a walkway next to a bench under a small oak tree that provided some shade. There were also five girls wearing bikini's sunning themselves on a big field down below me only one hundred feet away. They were all gorgeous, tanned, hot babes with big boobs and round fat asses. What a delightful sight to see, when they bared they naked bodies when laying on beach towels in the hot sun. They paid little attention to me as I became so horny I started stroking my cock. They saw me all naked playing with myself, but they obviously didn't care. They even did some reading for the first hour or so.

At the same time a very good looking, dark skinned guy was watching the girls from afar. He also was watching me sit in the hot sun totally naked. He kept looking at me until he finally came over just to say hi. After introducing ourselves, and got to know each other a little. Then with a sexy voice, he said I was gorgeous with an irresistible sexy body, and muscular shoulders and arms. Unable to resist my naked body, he gave me a shoulder and neck massage that felt so wonderful. His lean muscular, sexy body about six feet tall was only wearing tight spandex shorts. I was allured to him like no other gay guy ever before. We were both so horny that we hardly spoke to each other before we looked into each others eyes, and without saying a word we began to gently kiss on the lips.

He sat on my lap, which happened to stimulate my cock into a full erection that he felt throbbing under his thigh. At the same time his cock bulged through his skin tight, red shorts only an inch away from my face. That's when he got on his knees to suck my fully erect cock at seven inches long!

Ohhh! I loved it all! Even though I had incomplete feeling, the sensation in my penis felt wonderful when I finally climaxed and ejaculated the most cum ever since I was injured. Being an expert cocksucker, he loved sucking my cock endlessly right out in the sun, where anyone around could see him lap up my cum with his tongue when I ejaculated . Once again he sat on my lap as we began to kiss very passionately. When I began to touch his erect penis, he stripped naked, and dangled his big black cock in my face! It was a huge ten inch sausage that slid into my mouth and down my throat as far as I could take it. It was thick and enormous! I had a little experience sucking cock before, but I had never seen one anywhere close to this big! Even in the showers with other men after playing basketball before my injury. It was exciting as could be when he started getting close to ejaculation. I stroked, and sucked firmly until he splooged a huge wad of cum into my mouth, and all over my face, hair and chest. I continued to lustfully suck his cock, as more jism kept oozing out into my mouth. We kissed some more with his cum in my mouth.

About that time we noticed the college girls below had watched it all. One of them was an older, bikini clad, dark haired, sultry woman around fifty years old, with a wide fat ass, and big tits hanging out like watermelons. She was one of the girls mother, and came over to say she, and her daughters friends enjoyed watching every minute of us sucking each others cock. She then stripped completely naked, and gave us an erotic show of her sexy, tanned body with luscious big tits, big nipples, and a nice round fat ass that was irresistible. At about 5'6", 200 lbs., she then sat on my lap, and spread her legs as her vagina fucked my cock until she orgasmed with her big tits bouncing in my face. We erotically kissed and caressed each other as my new gay friend watched us. Unfortunately, once the day wore on into late afternoon, we all had to leave after frolicking in the sun by ourselves out in the open. Although we hardly knew each other, we planned on more fun like this again. Her tits and his cock was a lifetime experience!

On my way back to my apartment nearby, I came across some older ladies and men wearing suits. They saw me up close just several feet away all naked and wearing a pearl necklace. Thick strands of cum were still strewn across my face, chest, neck and hair, but they didn't say anything. I was nervous about about being naked in front of them, but I was also glad they saw me. After all I did want to exhibit my nude body. In fact one of the beautiful, voluptuous, elderly ladies was intrigued when she looked me in the eye with a little grin. Perhaps even aroused a bit it seemed. She was a very big woman at least twice my age, whose pretty face, perfume, large breasts and big fat ass was very arousing. She must have been at least 5'10" tall weighing well over two hundred pounds.

Other times while out at night, I was more daring about going nude around campus. That's when it was rare to see anyone at all, and if you did it was from a long distance. When ever I did go nude in my wheelchair at night, I brought a t-shirt just incase I needed to cover up. After a few weeks however, I began to leave the t-shirt behind to be freely nude to push my wheelchair a few miles around campus wearing nothing at all! It was a lot of fun, but since few people were ever around, I only had several encounters to exhibit myself. I was hoping to draw some more attention whether it was guy or girl, but I was usually all alone at night.

Truthfully however, I was becoming much more interested in gay guys as I finally overcame my inhibitions to becoming a gay man at thirty two years old. Actually, I had gay tendencies since puberty, but I was naturally attracted to women instead, so they diverted my interest. Upon entering middle age however, I began to prefer a hot, erotic, homosexual male ejaculating a copious wad of cum in my face for the first time in my life. My deepest sexual desires were aroused like never before.

While the campus was dead quiet every night, there was one time when an old campus night watchman saw me totally naked around midnight. It was when we passed by each other along a well lighted walk way, between two apartment buildings. He must have noticed that I was naked with my genitals fully exposed to him but I was quickly pushing my wheelchair, and he never said a word. I was very nervous that he might report me for public nudity.

Except for that one afternoon of spontaneous, erotic, sexual fun, nothing much happened since there were very few people on campus.

However, one night near the end of summer, a strict Orthodox Jewish girl living next door, saw me sitting totally naked in my wheelchair, outside the front entrance to our apartments. While getting out of her friends car at about forty feet away, she was looking at me in disbelief. She could see me sitting in my wheelchair, but due to her poor eyesight, I wasn't sure if she could see that I was nude. She kept watching with a bewildered look staring right at me. I felt embarrassed, and wanted to go inside, but she was good looking, and had some very large tits so I couldn't help but watch her every move. When she approached her apartment door she saw me completely naked up close just several feet away. Looking at my nude body with my erect cock entirely exposed to her, she slowly walked by me saying hi with a friendly smile, and went inside. As for me I just sat there, dreaming about her massive tits, while stroking my cock, and wondering what she was really thinking.

The sight of a beautiful voluptuous woman brings into question how gay I really am. It goes back and forth. Nevertheless, public nudity and my lust for hot, nude, gay guys was titillating me more than ever!


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